3 Essential Plugins to use when building a WordPress Website

3 best WordPress Plugins

A couple of years back it would not have been so easy to build a website. In today’s world building a website has become quite easy, granted you use the right tools. I want to share with you 3 plugins which you could use to make your life a lot easier.

As I write this article I am going to assume that you have some basic knowledge on building websites and that you are building your website based on WordPress. Honestly why not, as WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS (content management system), it is used approximately by about 75 million websites, it is open source and free to use. WordPress also gives you access to thousands of plugins and templates which can greatly reduce development costs and deployment times.

Ok, now that is clear let’s get into the main topic here. The 3 essential plugins that I want to speak to you are Elementor Pro, Yoast Premium and GeneratePress Premium. With these 3 simple plugins, you are sure to be able to build an amazing website in very little time. There are a few reasons for choosing these plugins. They are easy to use, user-friendly, offer free options (except for GeneratePress) and the premium versions are very affordable.

Let’s start with Elementor Pro. It is a website builder. Now you might wonder why a website builder is important. Simply put, it is an easy workaround for the code. WordPress does come with its own solution for a website builder called WordPress Bakery. It is neither free nor user-friendly in my personal opinion. Elementor Pro has been, by far the most user-friendly and easy to use website builder I’ve personally used. Let’s just say if you know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint you can easily learn how to use it. it has an intuitive user interface and advanced options for those who want a bit more personalisation options on their sites. Another important factor to keep in mind when building a website is to make sure that your website is mobile optimised. This is important as there are more and more mobile uses so the online experience for them is as good as someone using a computer. Using Elementor Pro you can easily do this when you are building your pages. You can easily check and adjust how your site will look in different devices.

My second recommendation is Yoast. It is the world’s most popular WordPress SEO (search engine optimisation) plugin. WordPress does use the best coding practices and outputs clean standard compliant HTML making it SEO friendly out of the box. But as thousands of website complete to rank the best in search engines, it becomes difficult for newer websites to compete. So it is useful to use an SEO plugin to improve your chances to be organically ranked better in search engines. Yoast offers tons of features to optimise your websites, such as built-in content analysis, meta keywords and description management, managing duplicate content, XML sitemaps, social features, rich snippets, and much more.

Finally, let’s look at GeneratePress. Now you could build your complete website using Elementor Pro but if you need that extra flexibility in how you would like to manipulate your website theme, then there is none better. It gives you a bunch of great features to do just that and best of all it works well with my favourite website builder. As GeneratePress is compliant with WordPress coding standards you can rest easy knowing that your favourite plugins will play nice with this theme.

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