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Social Media is not a fad, it was (yes it is in the past now) a seismic shift in the way that people communicate. It is the new email, but so much more powerful! It is where your present and future customers are spending their time. You need to be active there.

Social media

Social media is no longer a nice thing to have, but a minimum, an expectation. We set measurable goals that are not vanity metrics, but value-added metrics to your business. 


Social media
is free and easy to use

Make your posts the very best they can be by tailoring messages for each social media platform, using unique images and videos.

Shape the personality
of your brand

Social media presents a brilliant opportunity for those “less exciting” brands who can use this marketing channel to create or add to their personality online.

It’s both, in the present and the future

There is quite simply no other medium that will enable you to reach these many people, including Internet search engines. Social media is also a future-proof channel for your marketing.

A stable source of traffic for your business

As your library of content and your number of followers grows, you’ll naturally find more referral traffic coming to your website from social media.

Your users from social media will have a positive impact on your search rankings

We call ours the STARtegy.


trategy is the key to success.

Everything has to start with a Strategy. A strategy is a plan you create once you know exactly where you want to get. If you don’t have a clear vision, you will never know if you are on the right track. Then we all need instructions to get there.


esting what works best for the set strategy.

Test. Test. Test. When you start building your social media community and work you need to continually test ads, content, times and types of content. This will allow you to know what works best for you so that you can do more of it.


nalysing data is a big part of managing social media platforms successfully.

During the month (for ad campaigns it is daily) you need to keep one eye on the data and the other on your community. Your data will tell if you need to make any drastic changes, or even subtle ones, to get better results.


esults are important to help us see
where we are and setting clear goals

Each business has different goals. Your goal may be to generate leads; it may be to grow reach and get your message to as many people as possible. For everyone, it should also be to build a brand!

Best social media tools

Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp

Surely you know and use all these social media platforms. Yes, Whats App is a social media platform! The only thing is that it is so big, they have only just opened it for marketing, this is a great time to be an early mover in this space! We manage all these tools to get your message out!


“I understand the power and importance of reach on social media. I want to have the content, create the context and participate in the community”

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Customer story

“I understand the power and importance of reach on social media. I want to have the content, create the context and participate in the community”

Our Method

There are over 3 billion internet users and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts. Popular social media giants have become a valuable source for customer insights and marketing. A mostly free way reach your customers and to be present in the now. Thus, social media has become a non optional necessity for today’s business.


We are passionate about every aspect of the digital experience of your customers and we understand how important it is for you to be present in the now. Our social media management solutions will help you be relevant and effective in your social media strategy. Digital marketing is about leveraging the power of digital platforms so that a business can reach the right people, at the right time in the right way. There is an abundance of tools to help you manage your social media but it all starts with with the right strategy.


We call ours the STARtegy.


Strategy is the key to success. We listen to you and create the best strategy around your needs to meet your target customer.


Testing what works best for the set strategy comes next. We want to build a community that engages around your brand and the best way to achieve this is through testing what works best with your customer.


Analysing data is a big part of managing social media platforms successfully. The data not only help to create better social media strategies but also help the core business and done right can be an invaluable source for lead generation and customer fidelity.


Results are important to help us see where we are and setting clear goals for each month and helping you and your team reach these goals is a big part of what we do for you. These are measurable results which in turn help you understand your consumer better.


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